It's not a Greek festival if there's no music!

Check out this year's entertainment.


Enigma Detroit is a seven piece Greek band out of Detroit formed in 1999. The band consists of a male vocalist, bouzouki, keyboards, guitar, drums, percussions, and a sound engineer. In addition, a Klarino and a female vocalist are available by request.

Enigma Detroit's objective is to consistently deliver the highest quality of modern and traditional live Greek Music. Their arrangements are unique, their repertoire extensive, and their sound is authentic. For an unforgettable evening, join Enigma Detroit at this year's festival - they will captivate you.

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Aegean Roots™ (formerly known as Diaspora) is a band of experienced musicians dedicated to traditional Greek music, especially from the islands. Their all-acoustic lineup is perfect for intimate social settings, but also scales to larger stages. They'll certainly add some κέφι to this year's festival.