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It's not a Greek festival if there's no music!

Check out this year's entertainment.


ONEIRO has had the pleasure of entertaining Greek communities, and has earned the name as the best Greek band across North America. Aside from a rich repertoire of Laika, Dimotika, Paradosiaka, and Nisiotika, this group takes it to the next level by offering their audiences incredible showmanship and an electrifying stage-presence. Oneiro’s instrumentation consists of two male vocalists, bouzouki, keyboards, guitar, and drums. 


Each member makes it their absolute goal to ensure perfection at every event – As if it were their own. As a whole, this Greek Band spends the months leading up to your event customizing their repertoire, stage setup, lighting configuration, and choosing the perfect sound system for you. 

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Aegean Roots™ (formerly known as Diaspora) is a band of experienced musicians dedicated to traditional Greek music, especially from the islands. Their all-acoustic lineup is perfect for intimate social settings, but also scales to larger stages. They'll certainly add some κέφι to this year's festival.

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